Tuesday, August 7, 2007

XXL clutch

After XXL totes, shoppers and accessories, it is time for another XXL item to enter the fashion scene: the XXL clutch.

Not anymore an evening-only item, the clutch it is extremely trendy nowadays, to match it with a formal, or even casual day outfit.

The XXL clutch is a bigger version of the classical one, with the same sleek chic, but with a more functional size.

I think i definitely like this trend, especially because i like to wear a clutch, i find it very Hollywood-chic, but till now i only matched them on evening outfits, because during day time i have so many many things i need to carry with me. But an XXL clutch might be exactly what i needed.

I begun to search for some XXL clutches. Here is what i liked so far:

Camel leather rules
Either patent like the Charlotte Flap Clutch from Lauren Merkin on the right, or plain like Josie Clutch from Kooba on the left, the camel tone leather is my chosen color for this fall

Original models
Being bigger, the XXL clutch can have quite original models. I especially like the Fendi "To You Convertible Bag", available in all kind of materials (suede, leather, canvas) and patterns

Gold hardware
Gold is still very trendy, so why not a clutch with gold closure or details.

Above: Jimmy Choo Marin and Carolina oversized clutches

Simple design

Banana Republic Somerset large clutch, available in colors like Dark walnut, Cinnamon and Black

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