Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Outfits for today: My hb's birthday party

Today at the office i was dressed in one of the new O.i.s skirts bought in Finland. After work, i am going to my hb's birthday party, so i changed into a more evening-casual outfit.

* black high waist skirt with 4 black buttons in front from O.i.s - Scandinavian easywear
* striped black and white shirt from Nissa (Romanian local brand)
* Gucci kitten heel slides
* (not pictured) black shopper from Versace Sport
The whole outfit gives me a very tall, thin silhouette.

For tonight:

* Pucci-esque print halter dress from Morgan
* Gray-blue embossed leather open-toe slingbacks by Marc Jacobs
* pink suede leather from Stefanel

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