Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In love with Rachel(s)...

You will ask me: what Rachel i am talking about here... Well, i am not talking about ONE Rachel, but TWO: Rachel Pally and Rachel Leigh, whom collections of clothes and jewelry i felt in love with.

Let's take them one by one:

Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally is an American designer, with background in dance. And that's obvious in every piece in her collections. Mostly dresses, her clothes are comfortable, but with an incredible sophisticated look. The luxurious jersey dresses, skirts or blouses are very flattering and extremely sexy. Timeless chic!
I discovered Rachel Pally's dresses a while ago, while browsing through Extremely simple, usually in one color, and yet so chic! Take a look at some models:

The one i like best though is the Heather Drape Front Dolman Dress. It has a very slick, chic look, with its cowl neck and the tie around the waist.
The model pictured here is in grey, from the new collection. But my favorite was a floral ivory print, that i am not able to find it anywhere left.

Rachel Leigh Jewelry

In 2004, designer Rachel Bravman lauches the Rachel Leigh Jewelry line, consisting of chic, accessible, unique pieces, with a hint of extravaganza. The jewelries have an original design, making a strong statement and being able to give a special feeling to every outfit.

Although ordinarily i am not attracted to non-gold jewelry, i really like some of the Rachel Leigh designs, because they are so different and can really pull out any outfit.

My favorite is the Ribbon Charm, simple, but so cute and adorable, with a gold plated eagle. It is already in my shopping car on :)!

Other jewelry i like from the collection:

Besides the obvious similarity in names, i decided to talk about both collection in the same post, because i really think that i can match really nice outfit with items from both lines. Just imagine one of Rachel Pally's simple, jersey dresses with the bold, full of personality, resin and gold bangle from Rachel Leigh pictured above.

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Anonymous said...

I love all of this stuff! Rachel Pally is one of my serious favorites ever since I discovered her on Oprah! I just saw that is having a sample sale tomorrow!!! I love them. They always have great deals.