Thursday, August 30, 2007

A girl needs her high-tech gadgets...

The era when the high-tech gadgets were only used by men is long gone. We are modern girls, and a modern girl needs hers high-tech gadgets. And with the big producers finally realising that women don't just need a pink cutie phone, but with zero functionalities, we have a wide range to choose from.

My gadgets:

* first the phone... i can't live without it. I received from hb as a gift for my birthday a beautiful and smart too Nokia 7390, and i am very happy with it. It has blue tooth, 3G and a powerful photo camera. Not to mention a sleek, pink look.

* then, next on the list, partly because of my job, and partly because i really enjoy it, the cameras.

I have a small camera always with me in my bag. Because i needed to be light, but also good in functionalities, i went with Casio Exilim S600 (actually i had all the previous models from the Exilim S range of cameras). It is orange, and has a matching leather case, very stylish, small and produces good pictures with high resolution.

But when i am on holiday, or at a specific event, then i take with me the big guns, meaning the Canon 350D, a DSLR and some big extra lenses. I can take professional, quality pictures!

* speaking of work, here it comes the laptop! My choice: a gorgeous, stylish MacBook, perfect for working at home or in holiday!

*for mp3s, i went with a Sony small pink mp3 player, instead of the usual ipod. I used it only when skiing, and i am happy with it's round, small shape.

*at last: the car! For years i was content without a car, but now i don't understand how i managed to live like this. My car: cutie, delicate Lancia Ypsilon in a dark red rich color. It is small, so perfect for city traffic, with a lot of features and a stylish, chic appearance. In a word: PERFECT, for me of course!

Well, that was it, my high-tech gadgets list. What about you?

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