Friday, August 31, 2007

Navy all the way!

Yes, i know that every fashion magazine and website states that gray is THE color for fall 2007. But after my Finish designers recent purchases (a O.i.s navy babydoll dress and one blue with navy accents skirt from Marimekko), plus the Mulberry dress i got on sale from, i decided that MY color for fall 2007 will be navy.

I have the skirt, and i have the dresses. I also have several navy ballerinas. But to complete my navy look i need now: a sporty navy blazer (to match the striped t-shirt dress from Mulberry) and some navy semi-elegant blouses (for the skirt). Oh! And also one white with navy details jacket would be a nice thing to buy...

Look what i found (and like) while searching online:

Marc Jacobs seems to have the same navy vision as me for this fall. Lots of clothes in dark navy in both main collection and M by MJ one). I like best the 2 blouses bellow:

alpaca top from Marc Jacobs and frill detail blouse from Marc by Marc Jacobs, both in dark navy

I also like the scout twill dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs

As for the blazer/jacket part, i failed to find exactly what i was looking for (but still searching :)). But the Demylee Morgan Jacket from, in cashmere, with cool, chic asymmetric buttons, caught my eye:

And at the end, another thing from my basket at navy mesh clutch bag from Scoop (on 75% sale!)

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