Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nail polish

I am always too self aware of the way my nails look, that's why i try to have fresh manicure and pedicure almost anytime. Over the years, i tried a lot of different brands of nail polish, but most of them sadly disappointed me, either because they chipped really fast, or that they had too little color options in their palette.

On my hand nails i mostly use transparent lacquer. My favorite one is the Quick Shine for Nails from Chanel, in the natural, transparent shade. It is toluene-free, and it dries very quick. Plus it is so easy to apply (i am not very skilled at applying polish, i usually go to a beauty salon for this operation, but with the Chanel i am a natural :)). Plus you can wear it at least a week before chipping becomes annoying.

But for my feet nails, i like to experiment a little bit, to try different shades, according to my mood, outfit or season.

For sheer electric colors, Estee Lauder's Crystal nail lacquer is a gem. It has gorgeous shades and resist well to chipping. My favorites are some golds and pinks. Every season they have limited edition colors.

But if i am in the mood for milky-whitey colors, Peggy Sage is the brand. Currently i am wearing a cream-beige-milk color, and i totally love it.

Finally, if it is to be RED, my favorite red nail polish is from BeYu (from Sephora).

What about you? What nail polish do you use?

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