Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dine with style in Paris

Last weekend i was in Paris, to meet with some friends. Before going, i made a list of restaurants to make reservations for every evening.

For centuries, Paris had the emblem of a glamorous, fashion city, but lately it is sooo crowded with avid tourists, that the glamour some how faded, and it became an overpopulated, and yes, dirty city.

BUT if you can ignore the thousands of tourists in Bermudas and with a hanging camera on their neck, Paris can be a very stylish city. Designer shops, trendy cafes and, yes, glamorous restaurants.

Here is my top 3:

1. Jules Verne in Tour EiffelLocated at the second flour of the famous tower, it offers an incredible view of Paris. If you want to go there, be sure to make an advance reservation, and don't forget your evening gown and black suit at home. It has a very formal atmosphere, but romantic at the same time. And the private elevator is a must have experience!

2. George in Centre George Pompidou
At the sixth flour of the George Pompidou Centre, a restaurant offering a nice panorama is situated. It has an interesting architecture, by Dominique Jacob and Brendan McFarlane, with fluids walls in aluminium. The waiters all seem to be out of a runway show, with nice dresses and suits.

3. Buddha Bar
Perhaps over-touristed, yet Buddha Bar remains one of the nicest restaurants in Paris. With a somehow Asian cooking, and a different concept of a bar+restaurant+live DJ in the same location, be sure to make reservations way in advance, because it is always packed.

At the end, i could not resist to add the number 4: Blue Lagoon restaurant in Disneyland Park. Yes, i know, i am a big baby, but there is something about Disneyland that just makes me happy. And the pirates restaurant is really something magic. Dark light, with (fake) candles, and pirates music...and that tropical lagoon feeling plus creole authentic cuisine... i love that restaurant :)

Do you have any favorite restaurants in Paris?

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