Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Outfits for Finland

Bellow, some outfits worn while in Finland:

Dinner at the famous Kamp Cafe in Helsinki :: Zip all the way!

* red blouse from Mango, with a zipper on the sleeves
* monogram vernis leather belt from Louis Vuitton
* zipper detail sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs
* zipped pockets skirt from Stefanel
* monogram Trotteur bag from Louis Vuitton

Boat tour in Helsinki :: Pink despite the clouds!

* pink t-shirt Anastacia by s.Oliver
* skinny jeans from Chloe
* pink pumps from Bally
* D&G pink leather belt

Dinner at Hotelli Alba restaurant in Jyvaskyla

* brown shorts from Zara
* gray-brownish shirt from Castro
* embroidered Fendi Baguette

Party at an old, historical farm in Jyvaskyla

* cream jeans from Bershka
* cute brown belt from Disneyland :)
* pink babydoll t-shirt from O.i.s - Scandinavian easywear
* pink ballerinas from Marc Jacobs

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