Monday, August 6, 2007

Beauty review: Clarins - Bain aux plantes "Minceur"

Over the years, i tested a lot of products from Clarins. I always had the same reasons: good price, a good-reviewed brand and a lot of variety in products (i already said here that i like to have a dozen of lotions, each specialised in a problem or an area of my body). I find Clarins products average good, with a good rapport price/quality and fairy noticeable results. And although the overall impression was good, they don't have the "special" something to make me to stop from testing other brands of the same product, and to stick instead with the Clarins one. And i must confess, although it might sound superficial: i truly like the elaborate bottles, elegant and luxury, that the other, more expensive brands have (Clarins has simple, usually white and red bottles, not cheap, but not expensive either).

Although this, i find myself being faithful to 2 Clarins products: the hand anti-ageing creme (that's it until 6 months ago, when i changed it to a local Romanian brand, Elmiplant, very famous here, that doesn't have parabens (cosmetics preservatives linked to cancer) in its list of ingredients)

and the Bain aux plantes "Minceur", that it the Bath and Shower Gel for Body Contour, from their AromaPhytoSoin line.

I enjoy very much this green, good-scented shower gel. As it is a big bottle, and i only used in on specific areas, it lasts me at least 2 months, so the price (around 20 euros is very reasonable).

I used it on my problem areas (you all know what areas i am talking about), after a quick scrub (maybe i will make another beauty review on all the body scrubs i used over the time). I massage it well onto the skin, and then i wash it off with warm water. I soon discovered that i obtain better results if, after the first round of warm water, i wash my skin with cold water one more time.

If i am having a bath, i pour some drops of the gel into the warm water.

Clarins states on his website that the smell has an important role as well. The essential oils chosen for the flagrance stimulates the skin, and prepares it for slimming products. That's why it is best after the shower to apply an anti-cellulite creme. Other ingredients in the gel have the role to effectively reduce cellulite, so a double active role, and more points for the product.

What do you think about Clarins products? Have you tried/tasted some?

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