Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wide leg jeans

Well, even if the skinny jeans are still on top, a new cut of jeans is the hot silhouette right now... Yes, of course, i am talking about the wide-leg jeans, the hottest new shape for this fall.

Above, Lindsay Lohan and Liv Tyler adopting this style

They are the must-have pants for the moment, and according to stylists they are very versatile. Although i saw some really nice, chic outfits including this kind of jeans, i can't resist thinking that they really are not for every figure, but reserved for those lucky tall and thin among us.

What kind of wide-leg jeans i prefer? Well, the combination high-waist + wide-leg, for my type of silhouette, is simply deadly - it will kill every inch of good looks in me! So definitely low-medium waist for me.
And then colors: already, every respectable shop features a wide variety, so don't be afraid, you will find wide-leg jeans in every color you might like. I for myself prefer distress, vintage blue jeans, so i will probably (if i will ever find a pair to like and that fits well) buy in such a color.

In order, from left to right, top to bottom: See by Chloe high-waisted , Citizens of Humanity navy, J Brand light blue, Serfontaine dark blue stretch, 18th Amendment storm blue with 5 pockets, Notify dark blue with orange stitches detailing

And my personal favorite pair:

Notify Aramus wide-leg jeans, in a vintage blue washed color, with ivory stitching details

I really like this vintage blue washed color for wide-leg style of jeans. Somehow i don't see myself in any other color of wide-leg jeans (that's it if i can see my self in such a jeans cut). I would wear them mostly with grayish and brownish colors. Or maybe with an white shirt... I really must try a pair, to see for myself how they fit!

How about you? Do you fancy this style?

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