Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad is a young and ambitious Lebanese designer, well established in his own country, that recently begun to penetrate the international market, at the beginning in Dubai and France.

Its perpetual collaboration with Mango can't but help him to become an international recognized designer, but i don't know for what reasons (maybe because of his pregnant Arabic influence), his limited collections are sold only in countries like Dubai, Turkey etc, and never to Romania. The long lacey dresses, over decorated skirts or tops are definitely not my taste, but i find his accessories quite charming, and it is frustrating to not be able to get my hands on them.

But while in Turkey, at the biggest outlet center there is, a Mango outlet store had some items from a previous Zuhair Murad collection. Among some bags and a few pair of shoes, i spotted those gold gladiator-like sandals, embellished with huge flowers. I don't know yet how to wear them, but i couldn't pass this occasion, could I?


Anonymous said...

that's a lovely shoe

Anonymous said...

I like that shoes so much...the design is great! where to get in in Malaysia?