Monday, May 19, 2008

Book review: Remember me?

The greatest quality of Sophie's Kinsella books is humor. Her characters are funny and witty, a little bit clumsy sometimes, but all in all adorable.

This time the main character is no longer the famous shopaholic Becky, but Lexi, who, after a night in club with her friends slips off on a wet street and...wakes up 3 years later in a hospital bed. Everything in wrong, but it seems that in a good way. Her old Accessories bag transformed into a chic Louis Vuitton, her hair is now smooth and shinny and her teethes as white as you can get. Plus, a gorgeous husband that she cannot remember sits beside her, and she soon realize that she is the hospital for a completely different accident, a car one, that erased her entire last 3 years memory.

While she struggles with her new boss responsibilities, and she is horrified to find out that she is now the boss from hell, nicknamed by her former friends (now employees that hate her) Cobra, she finds out the truth about her marriage and re finds true love.

PS: That was another book (along A place called Here) i bought to keep me company in my Holiday in Mexico (3 weeks till then, can't wait), that i could not resist to read immediately.

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