Monday, May 19, 2008

Outfit to meet a dino

Yesterday we went to see an interesting exposition held at Antipa Museum, here in Bucharest (Museum of natural sciences). It is a display of dinosaurs from Argentina, called The Giants of Patagonia, that contains several skulls reconstructed of some of the biggest species.

We could also see baby dinosaurs and eggs, and also in premiere an Buitreraptor gonzalensis, a small bird-dinosaur discovered recently in South America.

The expo is a multimedia one, several TVs presenting interesting aspects from the dinosaurs time, and also some toys allow you to see things from a dinosaur perspective (lateral eyes in herbivore ones, to spot quicker a predator etc).

* Day Birger and Mikkelsen skirt
* Gold by Giles Deacon for New Look grey and pink top
* Musette navy peep-toe ballerinas
* Bally bag

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