Thursday, May 1, 2008

Outfits for a weekend in Wien

Easter and me being lazy kept me from writting a post about the weekend trip to Wien from 2 weeks ago.

First day we literally shopped till we dropped (well, i must confess sitting several
shopping rounds with my hb drinking coffee, it was too exhausting even for me, the friends we were with are CRAZY shoppers). It was the Marimekko collection to be seen, and SCS (Shopping City Sud), the biggest mall in Europe to be visited for the fist time. No pictures of the outfit to show you though, but it was pretty regular: Mango trompe l'oueil t-shirt (the one that reminds me of Balenciaga) and Roberto Cavalli for H&M black skinny jeans.

For dinner, we went out to a nice restaurant, Plachutta, quite a famous one there in Wien, to eat traditional food. It was the perfect occasion for me to wear one of the many Osman Yousefada for Mango LBDs i bought in Lisbon the weekend before. Again, no clear pictures (my hb can be sometimes such a lazy photographer), just some blurry ones taken with my iphone.

Sunday it was fun day. We went to the Schonbrunn Zoo, and then to Prater Fun Park for some serious fun. I wore a trompe l'oeuil t-shirt i bought from H&M the day before (notice any pattern?), Penelope & Monica for Mango skinny white jeans, Dior scarf, Zara (Balenciaga alike) striped blazer, Olivia Morris tattoo ballerinas and the Moreen Bally bag.

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