Monday, April 28, 2008

Outfit for a holiday day in the office

It is the second day of Easter, usually free, but we are in the office to finish some urgent work. Since it was normally a stay-at-home day, i dressed more casually that normal (and now that i think about it, all the clothes were either extremely bargains at the time i bought them :) or very old )

* Terranova cheappie skirt with gold buttons (i bought it during an 80% sale, 3 euros)
* Trou d'Aiguille jacket (bought from a factory in Focsani, approx 2 euros)
* black hooded t-shirt my mother bought for me 10 years ago in France
* John Rocha for Debenhams black shoes (bought from a textiles factory fair last autumn, approx 30 euros)
* -the exception- Steillman red&black scarf (around 70 euros)

By the way, that is a picture taken in our newly redecorated office, featuring an Ikea high chair and a framed print painting, gift from my dad when returning from USA. We are still waiting for the new desks we want to arrive at IKEA (currently out of stock) and then i will post some pictures with the new office rooms.

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