Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marimekko arrived at H&M

This weekend, while in Wien, i had a chance to check the Marimekko-H&M collaboration, entitled "A tribute to Marimekko". I do like Marimekko a lot, so I've expected with great anticipation to see the clothes in person.

The collection has a summery air, due to the vintage prints used by H&M, in color combinations such as pink&blue, pink&orange, orange&brown, black&red, blue&orange, all with big and bold designs. The designs itself were retro, and some mommy-daughter coordinated outfits are just darling.

From the very first preview of the collection, my absolute favorite were the pink shorts. So that was the first one i gathered to try on. Then there were some dresses, a deep v-neck silk one in red&black and a cute tunic in orange/khaki/brown, being my favorites. I've also bought the long black and white halter dress, but i am thinking of cutting it shorter, long dresses being not exactly ideal for my short figure.

Another thing i picked up is a massive necklace, with the same print as the tunic. It is an unusual piece for me, but i think it might work very well with a simple cream color dress. Yuki, my dog, received the Marimekko pink bear, and being the fashion dog that he is, he immediately adopted it, and the poor bear is currently hidden somewhere, so that the cat, Garfield, won't get a chance to play with it.

The swimsuits, in different styles, both 2-pieces and 1 piece, were cute, but i tried to not look at them, because i already have too many of them at home for this summer. Each of them has a matching big pareo.

But apart from the items described above, and few others that i truly like, the collections contains some more that i didn't find that...wearable.
A large dress in pink and orange has absolutely no purpose at all, but transforming you into a big giant colorful ball and some long dresses and skirts in different color combinations are extremely hard to combine into a chic outfit.

The man collection was pretty devastated in all 3 H&M shops i entered while in Wien, but i managed to find a pair of white trousers that are great for summer dinners. My hb also tried some t-shirts, but the cut was not that great, and they looked more like pyjamas than casual wear. From what i saw online, i also wanted him to buy the long sleeves shirt with blue and white print, but the only ones i could find were in a smallish size S.

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