Monday, April 14, 2008

Shopping report: Wien

The main shopping target this weekend in Wien was the Marimekko collection at H&M, of course, but while there i've also picked a couple of other things as well :).

I don't know what happened to Mango lately, but they sure did some transformation. Among the collaborations and limited editions, i find my self wanting to visit their store at least once a week. This weekend in Austria i was irremediably attracted by a pair of color block flats and a large black belt. I bought them, although the official reason for entering the store was that my hb wanted to buy a jacket from the HE collection.

After the H&M splurge, and the unexpected Mango buys, i decided to lay it low while we visited the SCS mall (Shopping City Sud), the biggest shopping mall in Europe. So i ended up only with a pair of discounted gold Ipanema flip flops, the line designed by Gisele Bundchen. Part of the money will go for saving the waters of XINGU Brazil.

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