Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In my makeup bag: Feeling like a glowing feline

Continuing the Guerlain Mania era i find myself stuck to, i could not resist to the pink and grey combination of Fleur de Feu eye shadows. Plus the iridescent floral print over the 4 colors, and the cute, elegant box.

And after a few days of wearing them, i can honestly say that those are the best eye shadows ever. The pink gives a subtle glowing effect, while the grey adds shadow and contrast.

The other new buy is the LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS mascara, advertised to give you a Feline look intensity. I bought the gray black color, only to have a different tone that the other black mascara i have at home, and i find it a very good color for a discreet look. Compared to a black mascara, a gray one gives you a more elegant, not so obvious look, that seems to suit well with my office outfits and general state of mind.

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