Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My closet is about to explode, and in the last months i begun every morning in a desperate search of clothes. Either i managed to find the blouse i wanted, but the skirt seemed to disappear, or the opposite, i got tired to this endless search, so till we will finally move into our new (and bigger) apartment, i got myself a portable rack, to keep at least a part of my dresses and skirts.

The rack is about 1.5 m long, and i stuffed on it as many dresses/skirts (and some of my hb shirts) as i could (not to mention i built it myself, and after two days it quietly felt down, surrendering to the extreme weight i put on it -- don't worry though, now it is safe, as my hb rebuilt it with much more skill than me!). But even though i put loads of clothes on it, the tragic thing is my closet still sits on the edge of exploding, and apart from dresses, i still can't find anything anywhere...

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