Monday, May 19, 2008

Kylie Minogue in Bucharest

Kylie Minogue concerted last Saturday in Bucharest, a concert meant to promote her new album KYLIEX2008. She sang the pieces from the new album, but also some old ones, including my favorites that usually are featuring Robbie Williams.

We stayed some place away from the scene, so we did not exactly feel the "vibe", and i am not what you would call Kylie's biggest fan, but it was still a nice concert.

Kylie's fashion sense (remember her collaboration with H&M last summer?) was pregnant in this show. Her designer was no-one other than Jean Paul Gaultier, who created for her 7 gorgeous outfits.

The show started with her in a long purple dress, an adaptation after a 2006 haute-couture creation, then she changed into a cheerleader outfit. 2 other great dresses were kept for the final: one deep red and one blue (the so called Virgin dress). My favorite one was the sailor outfit, that i find quite wearable even outside the scene.

Pictures:, my pictures are extremely low quality, i was not allowed to enter the stadion with my professional camera

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