Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beauty review: Clarins 'Expertise 3P' Screen Mist

Two weeks ago i entered Sephora just because i had some time to kill, and i was attracted by the new Clarins 'Expertise 3P' Screen Mist. It is basically a spray, that contains protective sheer Screen Mist, against Artificial Electromagnetic Waves (emitted by mobile phones, laptops, etc), which visibly age the skin.

Since i am working minimum 8 hours a day in front of a computer, i talk considerably at my mobile, and back home i always have my laptop in my lap, i am probably the target for this new beauty product.

So i included this new thing into my morning beauty ritual, and although i can't say that i noticed some results, it become quite addictive. I spray my face and my neck to times each (left and right), after hydrating my skin, and the liquid gives me an instant freshness. I wait two minutes to dry, and then i apply makeup. And that's it!

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Kira Aderne said...

so nice!

it´s always good to have some great stuff for our beauty!

a kiss for you dear!