Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Nike jacket

As yuki, my little dog, already told (in Romanian, on his blog, maybe he should learn English as well :) ), this weekend we were in Pitesti (my hb home town), and then in Sinaia, in the mountains.

Sinaia is already an important point on my shopping map, part because of the clothes fair organized here twice a year, and part because you can find here some nice little shops with interesting clothes.

That's why i could not resist to take a look in some of them, and i was attracted by a somehow unusual Nike jacket with a price rather high. Because i don't often wear sport clothes, i could not see any reason to buy yet another sporty jacket, but somehow i did buy it, and right the day after a great occasion came to wear it: The Champions Night, a game between an all-time Romanian football team (like Hagi and Lucescu) and world stars like Figo or Raul.

If you want to see more pictures from the game, you can find here an entire gallery on egirl.ro.

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