Monday, October 8, 2007

XXLong accessories

This fall is the season for XXLong accessories, and of course i am totally into them, long gloves and over the knee boots...pure love and chic.

Yesterday i purchased a great pair of long black leather gloves, i am so in love with them. If only the weather would be colder, to pair them with short sleeves capes and blazers (i have a couple that would just look perfect).

Another thing i so want to buy are a pair of over the knee boots from Stefanel. Gosh! They are so gorgeous! And as you can see from the pictures bellow, although not you ordinary pair of boots, so versatile. You can wear them with mini skirts, shorts, leggings and so on. They even look good with normal-long skirts, not to mention long coats.

My first choice were the black ones, considering that it is a good to-wear-with-everything color, but the more i think about, the more i am beginning to like more the gray ones. Pluses for them: gray is, same, a good, neutral color, but also it is THE color for this fall. The gray boots look even more unconventional than the black ones, and, as you can see from the runaway pictures bellow, look good with colors like khaki, black, brown and other shades of gray.

Another interesting color is khaki, but, although they indeed look special, i find it difficult to match with my wardrobe.

In the pictures from Stefanel's website, i noticed two more colors for these boots: ivory and a pinkish cute one. They are GORGEOUS in both those shades, but, unfortunately, the Stefanel stores i visited yesterday did not stocked them.

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