Thursday, October 11, 2007

LV shoes spring 2008

Everybody talked about the LV bags presented last week in Paris Fashion Week. But my opinion is that with all the fuss about the bags, we don't see a very important part of LV world: the shoes. They are the ones to suffer from all the attention we give the bags!

So i decided to present you some gorgeous shoes. If this fall my color is navy, i decided that next spring i will keep the "nautical theme" and migrate to aqua marine as main color.

Just look at the pictures bellow, and tell me that you don't see the perfect shoes. Great shape, and beautiful-beautiful shade of blue-green. And i am amazed by how chic this color matches all the outfits, from yellow dresses, to grey or itself.

red & aqua-marine, cute combination...

On a slightly different touch, but still gorgeous, a pale blue color shoes:

And at the end, let me present you my favorite outfit from the entire runaway:

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Anonymous said...

i am glad somebody else might consider beautiful shoes are the very fine ones, not the horrible platforms we find in the fashion magazines. do you think it would last?
I am into writing about ugly shoes, from time to time:)