Thursday, October 18, 2007

Affordable shoes

Every season i buy at least 1-2 or 3 pairs of designer shoes, and then i complete my outfits with affordable shoes, bought from some of my "trusted" stores like Salvadoro Sapena, Musette or Bally.

This fall i had a sudden revelation, for a new spot of cute, trendy shoes, but with a very nice price as well. Debenhams is the name of this "revelation", and until recently i managed to completely avoid the shoes section, being more attracted by bags (Matthew Williamson or Jasper Conran) or tops (Matthew Williamson again).

But a few weeks ago, being dressed in a grey outfit, but with some shoes that hurt my feet beyond my limit of suffering, i entered the first shop i saw (Debenhams) and went straight to their shoes department. Gosh! What a surprise! Their shoes are so in trend, but with a very low price, so you can splurge as you wish :)

Till now, i managed to buy 3 pairs from them. The first one is a pair of taupe flower and bead court shoes, from J Jeans by Jasper Conran.

Then i bought an all-day black shoes, with the cutest heel, all dressed in black leather (couldn't find the picture on though) from Bertie.

And last, yesterday, a new addition to my collection: a pair of black shoes, with a black elastic strap, similar with the ones in the picture bellow, only that mines are in patent.

Wow, quite impressed with my self :) I still have an eye on the black quilted ankle boots from Bertie, but i just bought another similar (but very different) pair already this days, and....

All in all, my only regret is that Matthew Williamson doesn't have a shoe "Butterfly" line, to go with all his beautiful bags from Debenhams.

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