Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outfits for rainy weekend :)

Friday night is movie night
Not that friday is the only night we go movies, but yesterday was the only reason i left home (took a day off).

* grey shorts from s'oliver
* grey shirt and broch from Castro
* grey shoes from J Jeans by Jasper Conran, bought from Debenhams

Saturday cofee at Starbucks - Biker chic girl

* black sleeveless dress from Morgan
* white shirt, Zara
* purple tights from Golden Point
* patent black shoes Principles, from Debenhams
* Gucci watch
* cream leather jacket from Gas
* black leather gloves, with little holes, from Mango

I always loved all kind of gloves. But these black ones from Mango are just gorgeous...and perfect for the biker chic look i gathered. I also like the look of color tights with my new patent black shoes...

Sunday brunch

* over the knee boots from Stefanel
* shorts from s'Oliver
* black top from Viktor & Rolf for H&M
* (not shown) gray blazer from H&M

I love my new boots from Stefanel. And they are not so thick, so they are perfect for this in-between rainy weather.



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Anonymous said...

lovely boots

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again (I love the search button, and you have an awesome blog). I love the gloves you have in this entry. Perforations...mmmm. I am a big discount shopper, and I have a hard time passing up on anything perforated. I'm wearching perforated Puma "knock offs" right now. Thanks again!