Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Opaque tights

This fall it will be the season for wearing opaque tights, and i am not talking just about black or brown, the traditional colors. Nooo, it will be a season for me to experiment with unusual (for me colors), like green, or, oh, red :).

But to start slow, i decided to first buy (and wear) some pairs in navy and grape, and then progressively transiting to other more daring colors.

Because i am saving for my annual shopping trip in Dusseldorf in a couple of weeks, i decided to not go directly to Wolford (in Romania they have truly exaggerate prices), but to search first the offer from Golden Point. I bought some pairs of classic opaque tights, in colors like coffee, black and true red, and some more stay ups in black with stripes and navy blue. I am still looking for some anthracite and forest green, but i had no luck so far.

Returning to Wolford, i searched their website, and since i decided to experiment this fall, i found out some cute patterned hosiery.

The Zac Posen Tights bellow seems to be very versatile, and although with pattern, are quite classic and not that extravagant

Another pair i liked is the tokyo love model, adorned with a rich floral garland and embroidered blossoms on the sides

The Lace Effect Stay-Ups are also tempting me... Aren't they cute?

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