Friday, October 10, 2008

A weekend in Cairo

For me, a fun-filled holiday should have at least 3 of the following:

* sun
* visits to interesting places
* some activities involving cute animals (visiting a zoo, riding a horse, learning more about a specific animal etc)
* nice sea/ocean/pool to swim it
* delicious food
* fun things (such as amusement parks, cruises etc)
* shopping

Well, my recent 3 day trip to Egypt, for our 8 years anniversary, had almost all. It was sunny, we've visited some of the most interesting buildings on earth (the Pyramids), we were riding the camels (for the first time in my life, what an experience!), we had a large pool with direct view to the Pyramids to swim in and we ate delicious food, especially during the Nile Dinner Cruise in the second night of our stay. I think shopping was the only thing missing from the list above, and that's only because I really hate bazaars and bargaining for my buys. The vendors were so annoying, always trying to make me into buying things, that after getting some souvenirs I got so sicked of them, and decided not to buy anything else.

The perfect place for a Jimmy Choo

I decided that the perfect bag for this trip would be my summer white large bag from Jimmy Choo and I was right. The first day we went to visit the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara (the step pyramid), and my bag hold it all: one bottle of water, 2 apples, 2 bananas (there is nothing to eat in the desert, around the Pyramids), one big camera (Canon 350D), one small camera (Casio Exilim), one lens for zooming and my wallet. Did Mr. Jimmy Choo thought when designing this bag that it will end up riding a camel?

* Fox cargo pants
* Promod blouse
* Jimmy Choo bag
* Sam Edelman gladiator sandals

Dinner Cruise on Nile

That same evening, we booked a nice dinner cruise on Nile, the impressive river of Egypt. During 2 hours, we could see the waterfront of the interesting city of Cairo. Such a huge difference between different neighborhoods in this town! Both sides of the Nile are surrounded by tall modern buildings (many of them foreign companies or expensive hotels), but if you go deeper into town you can see very small, shabby (almost horror) houses for the "normal" people.

* white pants, Benetton
* purple clutch, H&M
* paisley blouse, Promod
* Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker peep-toe canvas platforms
* "A tribute to Marimekko" large chunky necklace by H&M

The heights of culture

Our second day was reserved for a visit to the Egyptian Museum and for climbing on the top of Cairo Tower, just to get a good look at the surroundings. In the evening we went to the Lights & Sound Show in front of the Sphinx, a nice show in which the Sphinx told us all about the history of Egypt, from its point of view.

* Limited Edition Marks & Spencer top
* Fox cargo pants
* (not shown) Mango flowers flats
* Jimmy Choo bag

PS: Have I done well with the outfits, considering my initial "packing impediments"? While in Egypt, I saw 2 kinds of outfits (for us, the western tourist women): the ones that read before traveling about the dress code in Egypt dressed similar with me, large cotton blouses, at least bermuda-long pants, and the ones that didn't care, that were dressed in short pants (some of them really short - not only the Egyptian men starred at them) and revealing blouses.


Dana (MODAna) said...

the paisley top look is the best you've ever looked in my opinion!!
love the Jimmy Choo bag :)

nv said...

this looks like so much fun! i wish i could go to egypt soon , looks like a great place to visit