Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comme des Garcons for H&M

The entire collection designed by Rei Kawakubo for H&M is available now for preview online, on You can see all the clothes, both men and women, and also all the accessories, styled on a long line of mannequins. You can check the colors available for each piece, and also the price.

The collection will be available on 8.11 in Tokyo, and on 13.11 (Tuesday) in the rest of the world (around 200 H&M shops - check on if your local H&M will receive the line).

See more pictures.


Dana (MODAna) said...

there's no H&M here.

Anonymous said...

I really dislike those drop-crotch pants, but there are still some desirable pieces, like the coats. The men line looks more wearable, IMHO. Do you plan to buy something? :)

Dana said...

dana, we don't have h&ms in romania either :( there are rumors though that it will be here next year

carola, i don't like the drop-crotch pants either, they are really not my style, although i now people that can pull that style in a real chic way. Yup, i plan to buy :D i love this h&ms collaborations and i like to fight for clothes (last year at roberto cavalli it was really crazy, the women were literally fighting) :D
It is quite a nice thing, that every year the designer collaboration is launched right around my marriage anniversary, so i trick my husband that we are traveling for a romatic purpose :))) it just happens that h&m launch is right then!
Back to your question: i love the wallet, and some shirts, but also a zipper jacket and suits and shirts from the men collection.

carola said...

Hihi, fighting in a H&M store, this sounds fun!
I agree that there are enough people that can pull off drop-crotch and deconstructed jackets and earn the honor of a Facehunter/Sartorialist snapshot. Did you see the Erin Wasson editorial for Vogue Nippon, dedicated to this collection?

Unknown said...

do you think that comme des garcons is going to cause the same commotion as cavalli? :s im hoping that it wont, at least not in paris. honestly, i cant really imagine the always-so-poised parisian women fighting for clothes! i cant wait for november 13th!! where will you be shopping at h&m?

Dana said...

carola, yup i've seen it :) it is very inspirational

oanibanani, i will be in wien for the launch. It definetly won't be the same as cavalli. Cavalli is more popular. Think of all the fakes you can find of Cavalli, and of all the fakes you can find of CdG (none :) ).