Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Follow shopaholic!

If you like this blog, there are several options to follow my posts easily. First, you can follow me on BlogLovin. Bloglovin is a RSS reader aggregator, and you simply have to choose which are your favorite blogs. Then you will see all the new posts on a nice, clean and user friendly page. Cool, ha?
If you want to follow on BlogLovin you can click here or on the first follow me link on the right column.

Then, if you are a BLOGGER user like myself, you can FOLLOW using the tool blogger has. Just click on the second FOLLOW ME link on the right, and everytime you enter your blogger account you will see all the new posts from all the blogs you follow neatly lined in your Dashboard.

At last, if you scroll a little more down on the right column, you will see a textfield. That's where you can enter your email adress, and every time there is a new shopaholic post, you will get a notification in your Inbox.


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