Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie in the afternoon...

It is mine.... Finally mine! After weeks and weeks of stalking to see when this becomes available, after days of waiting the package to arrive, the BAG is finally mine...

Shinsuké KAWAHARA is a designer who worked for big brands like Hermes or Baccarat, but also opened a hip restaurant in Paris. His passion for rabbits can easily be noticed in the decorations he designed himself for "Usagi", that's the name of his restaurant (which by the way i have to visit on my next trip to Paris), but also in the nice graphics that are on the bag he created for La Redoute (part of "The French Touch" collection). It is available in navy and pink, and it is actually bigger that looks in the picture. The graphics are very cute, with rabbits (of course), but also deers, birds and flowers. And inside, it has lots of pockets, that is just perfect for me.

A little focus on the cute graphics. The bag is now on sale, i am also thinking on buying the pink one. What do you think?

And now for the outfit itself:

* Ziggo skirt
* Colin Stuart peep-toe booties
* Marc Jacobs trompe l'oeuil t-shirt
* Gas leather jacket
* Shinsuké KAWAHARA bag for La Redoute

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