Wednesday, August 6, 2008

11 for La Redoute has invited 11 designers from all over the world to imagine unique, exclusive pieces for the French fashion retailer. We have Carine Wester from Sweden, who won the Elle designer of the year award in 2004, Leila Hafzi from Norway and her ecological spirit, Shinsuke Kawahara, Japan, former illustrator at Hermes, Spanish Jose Castro, graduated from the Art College in London and 7 more designers from Russia, Italy, France, Portugal, Austria or Switzerland.

All of them tried to imagine for La REDOUTE their interpretation of the expression "the french touch". See for yourself the results here and tell me which of the items you like best.

My favorite is the pink & cream bowling bag, with the cute animal drawings, designed by Shinsuke Kawahara, although also the navy version is not bad at all. But unfortunately, it is not available for immediately shipping, and that means I can not order internationally. Me sad!

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