Friday, August 15, 2008

Sneak peak: Comme des garcons for H&M

As last year, when pictures from the Roberto Cavalli collection from H&M leaked somehow months before the actual releasing date, this year 3 months before November, we already have, thanks to That's Chic, an idea about what the clothes designed by Rei Kawakubo (head designer at Comme des Garcons) will look.

The pictures are not high quality, and I am little disappointed by the amount of dotted blouses and tops that seem a little cheap to me from the pictures (but maybe I am wrong, and they are wonderful in person), but I like the shirts (especially the pale pink ones) and also the black dress and the black jacket.

Well, I better wait and see them in person, but it bothers me that H&M did not set an exact release date yet, so I can plan my trip (still no H&M in Romania!).

What do you think about the Comme des garcons for H&M collection?

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