Friday, October 17, 2008

HE for fall

The HE Mango line was a success, so the spanish fashion chain re-done it for fall. This time, the HE man is a urban, go green man. He dresses in neutral tones, mixing suit jackets with thick knitwear, and so to match his woman HE wears a lot of scarfs and large canvas bags too. Biker-style boots are a must as well.

I liked the summer collection, and i like this fall one as well. I will love to convince my hb to buy one of the HE bags, so he can carry some of the things we need with us when in holiday, cause my back is exhausted... Do your man carry around man-bags?

Another part of the collection i like, and i am speaking now for my hb as well, are the shirts. Mango propose fitted shirts, in classic white or checkered with white collar. I would buy them all! Let's see Sunday if i can trick my hb into going to a Mango store, to try a few and see what he likes.

1 comment:

Dana (MODAna) said...

the pieces are definitely manly but why do I covet the last shirt?