Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday outfit

Sunday we went to our new apartament, to see how things are and what are we suppose to buy next (furniture!).

You can get a glimse of how our living room and kitchen will look, but when everything will be finished, i will take some better quality pictures.

Also, this was a weekend of debuting. Saturday night i bought the a la Balmain Zara jeans, and i decided to wear them right the next day.

* Gas jacket
* Zara jeans
* Zara belt
* Custo Barcelona tiger t-shirt
* Stefanel boots
* Marks&Spencer wild print scarf


carola said...

Ok, I must say that I'm in love with the Custo Barcelona t-shirt! It's sexy and with attitude! Did they open a shop in Bucharest?

Dana said...

Well, Custo Barcelon is stocked by Famous Brands (in Mall and Plazza). But i must say that the prices (comparing them with US for example) are 3-4 times bigger in Romania.