Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leather pants

I am obsessed for some time now of getting myself a nice pair of leather pants (ever since i found a pair of Versace brown leather pants at 300$ - from 1000$ and i left them in the store). Considering that i am not fashion model material, the pair of pants for me must be extremely well constructed, and fit me perfectly.

I searched everywhere in stores here in Bucharest, but no luck at all. Then and only then i turned to search online.
My instant love were the Alexander Mcqueen (1) leather skinny pants available on They seemed great, with interesting details - a perfect match with my taste. But the price was not at all a perfect match with my wallet, at 1900 euro even with discount they will be way out of my league. So i continued searching. ebay had nothing, and the second pair i like was on (2). The Kate Fit legging in leather seemed quite ok and almost what i wanted and at a match better price ($198). But it seems that everyone thought the same about those pants, because they were out of stock. That's when i remembered to search on my trusty shopping buddy, and here they were: from LaRedoute Creation(3), skinny, with a nice price and in stock.

Now i have them for some days already, and i am in doubt of how to wear them. Should i choose a shirt with ruffles? A graphic t-shirt? A sweater? And what about the jacket? Definetly not leather, i would love a denim short jacket, but i don't have it. Oh! How many dilemmas...


Anonymous said...

I have to say that you have found the perfect pair of leather pants.... they fit you so well. I wish the lighting was better though... and more posing in them... ;0) [email protected] you look amazing.... ;0)

Anonymous said...

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