Sunday, November 23, 2008

The debut of my leather pants

I finally decided to debut my new leather pants. I paired them with a puffy shoulder nectar colored top from Victoria's Secret.
As outerwear i opted for my deconstructed jacket by Comme des Garcons for H&M.
Interesting choice of clothes, don't you think? Tough leather pants, puffy pinky blouse and deconstructed jacket. Eh, well, i kinda like the combination.

* LaRedoute leather pants
* Victoria's Secret top
* Geox booties
* Comme des Garcons for H&M deconstructed zipper jacket

The pictures are from a store, where i tried on some Custo Barcelona clothes (my new favorite brand - more on that later). Too bad in Romania they have exorbitant prices (around 400 euro for a dress i saw online for 100$), so i ended up with only one t-shirt. I liked it a lot on shelves, and it kinda looked familiar when trying on. Only back home i remembered: it is the exact same t-shirt Jane from is wearing here.


Anonymous said...

Looks really great, ashame the pictures are of low quality, hope you will post some better ones soon. On the catwalk it's everywhere,but here in Holland you don't se it in the streets.



Heikoi said...

Great pants! More of them.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion you look really stylish. You seem to have a lot of nice ideas for different configurations. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Nice leather collection... i like leather pants.
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