Friday, November 7, 2008

ebay finds

I've spent a huge amount of time on ebay lately, and i ended up with some things.
The other day, two packages already arrived.

* Bally vintage gold clutch - i love Bally bags & shoes, so i can't resist a good vintage find when i come across one
* Patricia Field for Marks&Spencer "shoe print" scarf - just for fun

But the best did not arrive yet in my mailbox, and i am a little worry to brag about items i didn't receive yet, afraid i might jinx them so they get lost on the way to my home...

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Ivelina FriChic said...

Oh, I am so sure what you are talking about...being ebay addicted myself. And how many packages are lost in the way :(
This week I have 2 packages that are probably lost and few more that still hold the chance of coming... Royal mail has serious problems delivering to Bulgaria