Friday, November 28, 2008

Must have: Long Cardigans

For some reasons, I don't own that much cardigans. I have maybe one or two boleros, which I wear mainly spring/fall, and 2-3 long sleeves cardigans. But this year I want to invest in some long cardigans, to wear them under long winter coats for an extra warm and comfort.

What to buy?
I am thinking that I need at least 3 long cardigans, to cover my entire wardrobe. One black, which I can adapt to a more sophisticated look. Then, one grey, because I have now so many grey pieces of clothing. At last, a vivid colorful one, probably pink, for a funky comfortable look.

Pink cardigan, GAP / Black & grey cardigans, Esprit

How do you style a long cardigan? I am sure that will be my next question, but first I got to check some in real stores, to see how they fit me. Perhaps they don't fit me well, so I will have to settle to classic length cardigans and save some money...


carola said...

I love them, but they don't quite fit me, so no... at least till I'll find the perfect one for me ;)

Anonymous said...

hey carola,
i'm a big fan of the long cardigan trend. may i suggest the long flyaway cardigan by press from a site called artful wears? it's super-chic and totally non-bulky, which i think is the key. ;)