Monday, June 23, 2008

Your own Hermes Kelly Bag

Every star has one, and you and me sure dream about owning one. Well, maybe i will sometime be able to get one, but for now i am glad to get my hands on a paper version.

Hermes is kind enough to provide us with 8 paper versions, that you can download from its website. You can choose among 7 models, or the blank one to design yourself, print it on a piece of paper (my advice is to choose thick paper, not regular one, for a better hold) and glue the bag as indicated. And voila! You have your own little fancy Hermes Kelly bag, where you can store important papers, jewelry or other small objects.

Or you can download the entire 8 versions, and start a collection!

My favorite is the Gregoire Kelly bag, but all the others have a certain appeal. I saved them all, and I will try soon to print them on thick paper, see how that works.

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