Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sex and the City: the movie

Because i was far away on Mexican land, i could not attend the Sex and the City official premiere here in Bucharest.

Returning to Romania, i was extremely anxious to go and see the damn movie everybody was talking about, so the first day i bought very bad tickets (right in front of the screen) just to see it already.

The movie's story was everything i expected (as i did read some spoilers, although i tried very hard to keep me away from them). The movie's fashion was more than i expected :) and i left the cinema with a great shopping appetite... Carrie was inventive as always, Charlotte sweet and feminine, Samantha extravagant and Miranda (my hb favorite) classical and chic.

I will not bother you with the story line (because everybody knows it by now). Just a few random thoughts:

* I did not like Carries Westwood gown. Really! Nor the blue bird. But i did like the Vera Wang wedding dress, the first one from the Vogue shoot. I would love one like this for my wedding...

* Except for Charlotte, who had a much funnier part in the movie that in the series (the "I curse the moment you were born" scene was just hilarious), i found the acting of the other 3 some how bland, and a bit exaggerated (what's with all those hysterical laughs??)

* Carrie's newly redecorated apartment did not seem very Carrie to me. It was too modern, too white, as well as a little too kitchy for Carrie's love of vintage, retro looking, unusual combinations style

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Anonymous said...

Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... for their own reasons people either love the movie or they hate it