Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing for pizza

While in Mexico City's airport, i searched for a book to read on plane, and that's how i noticed a new (for me) John Grisham title.

I love Grisham's novels, they taught me everything i know about American's law system, but this book is not a typical John Grisham story, considering that the action is not lawyer-related at all, but instead everything happens in the world of American football. That's the second non-lawyer novel i read from John Grisham, and i find them even more charming that his usual writing.

Dockery is a third string NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, who manages to lost his team its first-ever Super Bowl appearance. He is cut from the team, vilified in the press, and is facing legal troubles due to a questionable paternity lawsuit, and that's when his agent Arnie finds him a position at the Panthers, a team in Italy (where as you know the other type of football is king). With an entire town that hates his guts, Rick accepts the job , but somehow manages to find in Europe a new life, new friends and maybe even a lover.

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