Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nice shade of aqua-green

That pair of shoes it's my first Marc Jacobs. Really, my first! And bought at full price too, long time ago, in Innsbruck. It was winter and heavy snowing and freezing and we were in a one-week ski trip, shopping for a new snowboard for my husband. Yup, he got a very expensive (as i said) and cool (as he said) snowboard, and i got myself a pair of gorgeous (as i said) and beautiful (as i said as well, my husband speaks no fashion at all, so what he really said...its not important) sandals. Quite an ok deal, if you ask me :)

* Vera Wang Lavender dress
* Marc Jacobs flower sandals
* {lame present from a magazine} cheap black clutch


Anonymous said...

Sunt adorabile sandalele!!!Si daca sunt primele de la M Jacobs,trebuie sa aiba valoare sentimentala cat de putin:D kiss

besiuta1 said...

Sunt foarte frumoase,imi place incaltamintea cu floricele sau hainele.

carola said...

haha :D mj-i sunt adorabili si si-au gasit si partenerul de outfit perfect in rochita vera wang