Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday in Mauritius: Eating out

In the evening we ate either at the hotel's restaurants (in lazy days), either in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius.

* Polo Garage dress
* Matthew Williamson for H&M (spring collection) peacock detail cardigan
* Chanel slides

* Roberto Cavalli for H&M dress
* Bally vintage gold clutch
* Zara gold sandals
* Topshop pink cardigan


Anonymous said...

What do you recommend as as must-eat ? Is there a dish that is a signature of Mauritius? I'm planning to have a Mauritius holiday soon.

Dana said...

Mauritius has a very interesting culture-mix, reflected also in its food. You can find delicious indian, chinese, french or colonial food.

I enjoyed eating at several restaurant while in Mauritius. Among my favorite: the little restaurant from L'Aventure de Sucre (sugar factory), the restaurant from Domaine d'Anna and a restaurant situated near the Caudan Waterfront (at the hotel there) - but i can't remember the name.