Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zip it!

I. Really. Need. New. Camera. So i can take better pictures.


* h&m zipper dress (from ebay)
* Chinese Laundry shoes (from
* gold pendant, Mango
* white shirt, Zara
* Penelope & Monica Cruz blazer, Mango


Anonymous said...

OMG I need those shoes in my life!!

Ruxi said...

How do you buy from ebay from Romania?What ebay do you how is the delivery done?Thanks

Dana said...

I tend to buy from, although i think once i did won something from .com.

You have to set up RO as your delivery, and then, when you search for something you will see the shipping price and if the seller ships to our country.

There are several delivery methods available, it all depends on the seller. Usually by normal post. If the item is from UK (or UE) you will get it at the normal post office near you. If it is from US you will get it at the custom post (probably Pantelimon).

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