Tuesday, July 1, 2008

shopaholic.ro vs shopaholicsite.com

As you may have noticed, some changes occurred on the SHOPAHOLIC blog. Probably the main one is the change of the address, due to the new Romanian version of the blog

The English version of the SHOPAHOLIC blog is now hosted at www.shopaholicsite.com, and the newly born romanian version at the old address: www.shopaholic.ro. All the usual posts will still be in English: outfits, shopping reports, travel updates etc, nothing will be changed in the English version of the blog, except the address (www.shopaholicsite.com). Shopaholic.ro will contain only posts related to the Romanian fashion scene (sales in Romanian, Romanian events, designers, special offers etc).

From the old url, you can still access everything new on shopaholicsite.com. You have a direct link to it from the teaser bellow the header, and on the left column there are the latest post on shopaholicsite.com.

And now to other changes on the English version: on the left column you can find a new box "Latest post", a quick access to the newest 5 posts on this blog. Bellow that, for the Romanian readers, you can find links to the latest post on shopaholic.ro. And just at the bottom of the left column, you can see a box called "A cute blog of a cat and a dog". From that you can reach the latest adventures of Yuki and Garfield (for Romanian readers only).

Tell me what do you think about those changes please!

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mari said...

I didn't know about the blog in English, so I'm happy to discover it now - sometimes it was just too hard to understand everything in Romanian!
You have an exquisite taste and I love to see your picks. :)