Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beauty review: Dior Bikini

I first bought a Bikini Dior Anti Aqua 2 years ago, and I was extremely pleased by its fast results and overall. But the price was a little high, so I then tried several other brands, but either the cream was to oily and it entered the skin in a long period of time, either it was green and I look after alien-like etc. This spring I decided to try no more, and buy again the Dior Bikini one. But no luck, Sephora and all the other shops here are out of stock (probably others like it as well).

But when in Chisinau, I discovered it in a shop there! I used it since then, and I am still delighted by it. It is a milky spray-on emulsion, you just need two or three sprays per leg, and, as specified on the bottle, there is no need for heavy massage (perfect for a lazy like me). It is fast-absorbing and has a smooth texture. It has basically no smell (one previously tried anti cellulite cream smelled like cleaning products...), so that's a good feature.

What kind of firming, anti-cellulite cream do you use?

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