Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fragrance day

Yesterday was a sweet-smelling day for me. First, I finally get to buy the Cyntia Rowley for Avon flagrance i wanted for a very long time (but i don't have an Avon store near me). I bought this perfume not only for the sweet smell, but mostly for the sleek and chic white retro bottle. It will look great in my new bathroom... While in the Avon store i picked as well a small bottle of the perfume by Christian Lacroix.

Then, there was the new Moon Sparkle Escada fragrance that i had to have at all costs (i collect all the limited editions of summer Escada perfumes). I was lucky enough to get the gift set, which includes a shower gel and a cute makeup bag. I also wanted to buy the man version of it, but Sephora near me was out of it.

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I check it daily ..but the greatest part for me is the fashion links..especially style bytes...I never knew such a world exists, (the fashion blogs I mean).Because i can t really afford to buy what i like, I dress a lot from second hand shops,and i was so naive that it didn t occur to me that people can prefer second hand even when they can afford something else.Not to mention the price some "vintage" pieces can have! Anyway, as this comment is getting to long, thank you for your blog and for the links.In the end reading those blogs made me feel a little better about myself:)