Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Modern Cinderella: The story of a Dior shoe

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Paris, there was a huge Dior clearance, and the princess was ready to fight her enemies (i.e. women with the same shoe size) in order to win many many prizes.
Everybody fought at their best, and the princess was lucky and smart (she thought) to win not one, but 4 awards (i.e. shoe pairs) of the precious Dior shoes.

Back home, the princess tried her new possessions, one by one, with a growing delight as each pair was more amazing then the last. Till the last one, which, by accident, had one shoe a different size then the other.

Years passed, and the unlucky Dior shoes remained closed in the wardrobe, because the princess did not had the heart to throw away such perfect shoes. That is until few months ago, when the princess met a skillful shoe maker, which, by magic, was able to make the larger shoes the same size as the other.

Happy ending! End of story! Can wait for summer, so i can proudly wear my new (reborn) Dior sandals.


Unknown said...

Dior clearance? Unde unde? :))

Dana said...

in the far away land of Paris.. :)

Unknown said...

lol paris isn't that far away, that's where i live. i meant more like what street and what was the occasion :)) (and when can I go?) :))

Anonymous said...

They look thin, you can probably feel every little ant under it?