Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boots and skirt

So i feel the need to repet myself: best buy this winter!! I mean the boots, of course. I can wear them with everything, and that's exactly what i did these last couple of days. Skirts, casual dresses, black dresses, leggings, jeans, pants, leather pants, leather dresses, everything works well with Camilla's Skovgaard boots. I think is because the leather is quite posh and fancy (and buttery i might add), and then the saw sole is something completely different.

Last evening i begun sorting my skirts (and i ended with only 2 skirts in the charity pile - i like them too much to part with them). And i came across my Comme des Garcons for H&M deconstructed skirt, an impulse buy at the launch (cause i was able to snatch one durring the mayhem). But for one year i had no idea how to wear it. You see, in order to rock with my personal style, it needed something more. A pair of killer boots. A pair of Camilla Skovgaard's (did you know she worked with Matthew Williamson? No wonder i like her shoes so much...)

* Comme des Garcons for H&M deconstructed skirt
* Camilla Skovgaard saw sole boots
* Karen Millen green cardigan
* Zara white shirt


Anonymous said...

I like allot!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow, those are crazy gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

beautiful outfit! well done :)